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福音は日本の物です。The Gospel is Japanese.


Have you ever thought, "Though, the Gospel is wonderful, I can't become a Christian because I am Japanese"?

When I first heard this phrase I did't get it - Why would someone not be able to become a Christian because he or she was Japanese? My wife is normal Japanese, and she became a Christian, and even her mom who is from Kumamoto became a Christian when she was in her 60's. So there's no problem!


Here are some things that the Gospel teaches that even Japanese believe in:

-Be at peace with people around you

-Take care of nature because it is beautiful

-Honor your father and mother

-Love people

-Be compassionate


-Consider others more important than yourself

-Make sacrifices for things that are important to you

-Be loyal

-Work hard

As you can see, there are so many things in common already!

But of course there are some differences, these are important differences because it helps everyone, even Japanese to see the world in a different perspective, it gives you different motivations to do the things you are already doing.

The Gospel also answers really important life questions like:

1. Why do we feel emptiness, shame, and loneliness when we have everything we need?

2. What is the purpose of life? Of my existence?

3. What happens after I die?

4. Is there a person who can unconditionally and perfectly love the real me, the one that no one knows about, the one that I don't want anyone else to see?

5. Why is there evil and suffering in this world? Will it ever end?

And so many more questions!

The Gospel is as much Japanese as it is western and middle eastern. The Gospel is for every person in every country. For the Japanese, the Americans, and the Jews. The Gospel is for everyone because everyone has been made to reflect who God is. The Gospel is what opens our eyes to our true worth, purpose, and fulfillment.

The Gospel Center exists to help people to see how the Gospel answers all kinds of questions and shows us how to find what our souls are searching for.

Do you want to come and find out the answers to YOUR questions? If so, I would like to personally invite you to join us this Sunday, or any Sunday you are available. We would love for you to join us, please come!


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