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A simple act of love that went a long way...and is still going.

In the mid 80's a man named Timothy Kim Harris, known simply as Kim, a mechanic in Hawaii who was going through his own share of hardships, shared the Gospel with one of his co-workers and led that man to Christ. His co-worker was also going through difficulties in his marriage. But through the grace of God, the co-worker's life was changed, his wife was saved, their marriage has saved and their third child was born soon after, and many of their family members were saved. The co-worker's name was Fred.

Fred and his wife, Karen, raised their children to love and serve the Lord. Always bringing them to church, teaching the Bible at home, praying together, and always doing things with the church family and relatives. The oldest son, was a good kid, but soon became the prodigal son, doing many terrible things. But because he was raised in the ways of the Lord and believed in Him since childhood, the Lord didn't let him go. Instead He safely brought the wayward son back home where he belongs. That son, started serving in youth ministry, and eventually became a missionary in Japan, and is now in the midst of planting a church.

Fred and Karen is my parents, and I am the prodigal son.

Over 30 years ago "Kim" shared the Gospel with my dad and they lost touch, both always wondering what happened to each other...

Kim went to heaven on July 14, 2018.

My parents were watching their old pastor from Hawaii preach online and they realized that the guy the pastor was talking about was the same guy that led my dad to Christ. So they contacted Pastor JD and was able to share this story with the family and at his funeral.

"I wish he could have known..." was the thoughts that both sides had.

But I'm sure he knows now, and we'll get to meet him one day in heaven as well.

If his family ever gets a chance to read this blog, I just want to tell them that I am so thankful that Kim led my dad to Christ, because through that more people were led to Christ, including me, and I have led people to Christ, and now a Japanese church was just planted this February as a result of Kim's love for my dad, which came from his love for Christ.

Kim's fruit of personal evangelism will continue, just as he was the fruit of someone else, who was the fruit of someone else. The sharing of the Gospel to my dad, was...

A simple act of love that went a long way...and is still going.

Our prayer as a new church is that we will see fruit like this from each and every person. We never know how our small efforts can change this world. So do things faithfully, because God WILL multiply our little efforts into God-sized fruit so that God will receive all the glory!

Also, for those reading, please pray for my dad. His health is not so great and he will need very special care. I am a fruit of my dad's personal evangelism to our family, I am thankful to him as my dad, but also as a person who taught me how to lead my family as a Christian husband and father. I am hoping and praying that my dad's best and healthiest days are still yet to come. Will you join me in prayer for him? A simple act of love can go a long way, and prayer is definitely an act of love.

Love and Aloha,



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