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Do you really know the GOSPEL?

Have you heard of the Gospel of Jesus before? Most people where I live haven't.

In Japan there are many many many people. Very few of them go to church. Even fewer know of a church. Some may not even know a Christian. The Gospel Center will take part in changing that!

At the Gospel Center (GC), we believe that the Gospel of Jesus is REAL and TRUE, and want to share this amazing life altering, world changing news with anyone who has ears to hear. GC is an international church whose aim is:

To impact our community with the GOSPEL of Jesus

by living out the GOSPEL 

as we grow in a deeper understanding of the GOSPEL.

Gospel = Good News.

But how is a man dying a gruesome death on a cross good news?

How can it impact our community in a good way?

What does it mean to live it out?

Is it really so deep that a person can continue to grow in understanding of it forever?

Do you fully understand the Gospel?

Seriously, answer it in your head...go!




Did you answer yes or no?

The answer should have been NO.

If you answered yes, then you really don't know it, not even close.

Did reading that last line hurt your pride or did it make you more curious?

If it hurt you pride, then that is proof that you do not know it that well, and you should follow this blog so that maybe you can know it a little better.

GC will be a place where people that hear of the Gospel for the first time can also experience it through the great people at our church.

GC will also be a place where the Gospel comes new and alive for those that may already believe and have heard it hundreds of times!

Doubtful? Curious? You should follow this blog because it WILL help you to understand it better. Money back guaranteed!

More to come.


*P.S. I'm still learning too.


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