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What is church?

Is the Christian church different from the many other churches and religions in the world? Maybe outwardly you can see similarities like: we believe in love, peace, joy, caring for others, etc. Some people see churches as quiet, serious, or boring. Some think it is just a place to get married. Others think it's only for Westerners. But what are some things that make up a Christian Church?

1. We believe in only one God - He is three in one: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

2. We believe that the Son, Jesus, is the only way to God - he loves us, cleanses us of all the filth in our heart, and leads us to a life destined for heaven.

3. We sing songs to God because we love him.

4. We hear people preaching the Bible because it is God's Word for us.

5. We love and accept each other with the kind of love we see in Jesus.

6. We encourage and teach each other how to live awesome lives that pleases God.

7. We love to spend time with each other throughout the week because we enjoy each other's company.

8. We love and forgive each other when we don't get along.

9. A church also has a structure, with leaders and pastors who teach you the Bible and help everyone to be equipped to live as God intends them.

10. A church is a group of imperfect people, who love God and love each other.

By the way, a church is not a building - a church is the people who love God.

The Gospel Center is a church. We'd love for you to come and join us.


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