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Something worth living for

Have you ever believed in something so much that you could not not do it? Or could not not say it? Well, my friends and I have something just like that! In fact, many have us have sacrificed and rearranged our lives to be able to make it happen! Some took pay cuts, quit their jobs, relocated their families or themselves to a different city or even see something fresh and new, but also ancient and powerful at the same time happen in our community. It's something worth living for!

We believe so much in the Gospel of Jesus that we are making it the central point of our lives. We all have been changed and are continually being changed because we believe that God is personal, He loves us, and wants us to love the people around us. We believe that God has made a way to free us from all the disparity of life and the evil within ourselves. We cannot not tell people of this good news, that this is available to them also! And it's FREE.

Not only does the Gospel change individual lives, it can and is changing groups, communities, cities, and countries - for the better. There is hope in this world, and hope is a person, and we plan on introducing this person to as many people as we can!

We're starting a church.

A Center. A center where people can learn and experience the Gospel.

A central point in our community that the Gospel will go out from.

Stay tuned!




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