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I worship idols.

Yes, you read that right - I worship idols. But I don't want to worship idols. I don't like worshipping idols. But I do. I wonder if you do too?

I worship idols, but I'm not talking about statues like the one above. I'm talking about unseen idols, idols that only exist in the heart. Idols that no one can see, idols that sometimes we are not even aware of. I know this may not make much sense so let me give you an example: road rage.

Ever had road rage? Anyone cut you off? Almost bang you? Didn't let you merge into their lane? What kind of emotions does it invoke? Anger? Irritability? Fear? Panic?

For me, it's anger. But anger is not the idol. It's a symptom that an idol is being attacked. Let's dig deeper.

Why do I get angry? What does this person tell me by his driving even though he doesn't necessarily say anything to me? He wants to kill me? He doesn't care about me? He thinks he is better than me?

For me, it's "I don't care who you are!" But that's not the idol. Let's dig deeper.

Why does someone driving and not caring who I am make me angry? Because that means I don't have value? Because it means that my existence is not recognized?

For me, it's because that means he doesn't accept me. Acceptance idol! Yes, but no. We're getting closer, but that's not the full face of the idol yet, I'm a little more complicated than that.

In my head there is another conversation going as well, "Doesn't this idiot know that I can knock him out with one punch?! He should respect me, he should be afraid of me. He should accept me because he has a reason to (I can beat him up)." And that is getting closer to my idol.

My idol is not just acceptance, it is thinking that someone who should have reasons to accept me, should accept me. I don't care if I get rejected if I know that a person just doesn't like me because they don't know me well. But I want the people who I can get to accept me, to actually accept me. This is super complicated. It is super deep. It is ONE of my idols. I am an idol worshiper. But I don't want to be.

Idols of the heart all replacements for who and what Jesus should be for me - the reason that I was created for.

I am a worshipper of Jesus Christ, but sometimes I forget that Jesus was rejected by his people, by his disciples, by his Father, so I can be accepted. Jesus accepts me, even though I reject him when I have all the reason to accept him.

I am a worshipper of Jesus Christ, but sometimes I forget that Jesus dealt with rejection from the people who should have received him perfectly - for me - because he knew that I would not be able to do it myself. Jesus accepts me, even though I reject him when I have all the reason to accept him.

I am a worshipper of Jesus and he loves me. He will never stop loving me. He forgave me. He forgives me. He is changing me, freeing me from idol worship that destroys my soul, he is restoring me, clinging to me every moment because I keep letting go.

Jesus is my Lord and my Savior. He is helping me to destroy the idols of my heart so that I can live in the perfect love that he wants me to live in. His love.

This is how the Gospel works, how it frees you.

What are your idols? Are you willing to give them up for the someone who will always do yoo good and do good for you? Idols only destroy and enslave you. Jesus sets you free.


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