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It's going to be intense in Taiwan!

I've never been to Taipei before, but I'm going all by myself, and it's going to be intense. In fact, it's going to be so intense that it's called an "intensive". I'm going there for training to learn more deeply what is to be a Gospel-centered person and how to have a Gospel-centered church. I am so excited to be a part of this, but on the other hand, since I haven't been in school for over a decade, the thought of sitting and learning for hours upon hours 5 days a week is a little intimidating. I can't wait to do it!

If you are an aspiring church planter, and you want to understand the Gospel deeper, and learn how to contextualize it for your culture and church, I strongly suggest this training. If you want to gain more confidence in the Gospel of Jesus and what it can do in the lives of your church, take this course next time around! If you're interested to know more about it, click HERE.

I'll be in Taiwan from May 6-19, so that means I will miss 2 Sundays. But a couple of our team members will be preaching in my place, it's going to be should come!

The speaker on May 6, Daniel, who was a missionary from England, now a full time English, teacher, husband, and father with a gift of sharing the Gospel and making relevant for our lives. He'll be talking about how to live and work as a Christian in today's society.

On May 13, Chris, from Canada will be preaching on the heart and attitude of what it means to worship. Chris is our talented worship leader, but he also does university outreach, and teaches on leadership, and a few other things as well. Chris is married and is our official missionary, he has been serving in Japan for over 6 years.

Please come and join us, you'll love it!


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